A Respected Baler and Compacting Service Provider in Southern Nevada

Premier Services consists of experienced professionals who are committed to providing reliable services and equipment. We service Southern Nevada and surrounding areas and pride ourselves on delivering client-focused service by:

Establishing Consistently Updated Operations
Handling Any Job Regardless of Specific Circumstances
Providing Budget-Friendly Options
Supplying Qualified Employees



Premier Services is a trusted provider of recycling equipment and services. Over the years, we have worked closely with chute fabricators and helped refine the procedure needed to create these systems.

This allowed us to see the importance of each design’s safety and efficiency. We make sure that these are integrated into all the chutes in our selection.

Because of this, we are serious about who we choose to fabricate our products. Our company believes that an exemplary fabricator is essential to our operation and success.


Aside from providing the equipment and products, we handle the installation process of these systems. Safety is our top priority in every job. We work tirelessly to ensure no complications arise during the process.

You can expect us to work on-site during the procedure in order to accomplish the job and answer any questions. We’ll ensure you are able to run the systems efficiently after we have left.

Preventive Maintenance

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This saying usually holds true, especially for garbage chutes. The last thing you want is a tenant telling you that the trash chute is damaged or that garbage spilled all over the floor.

Regular maintenance is necessary if you wish to avoid situations like these. This is where we come in. We offer a rigorous and thorough maintenance plan to ensure your trash chute is safe and functions properly.

This will help you avoid the mess, hassle, and expenses that come with a garbage chute failure.

Maintenance Benefits

Recycling Equipment are designed to be durable. However, the regular stress of heavy garbage loads traveling at high velocity and colliding with the chute’s sides makes maintenance necessary.

It will help prevent severe damage or failure at any point along the chute. Our professionals are trained to spot and correct even the most minuscule of damages.

We can also remove any debris in the chute to keep it clear, operational, and in good condition. Additionally, we offer our services at great prices, so it is a worthwhile investment that will keep your chutes safe.

Trash Compactors

Our business also offers compactor maintenance services for buildings with trash compactors. Similar to garbage chutes, these machines receive strain over time (in different ways).

By providing regular maintenance, we’ll help your trash compactor last longer and function better than a neglected one. Our highly skilled and experienced compactor maintenance technicians are more than capable of accomplishing every job efficiently.


Emergency Repair

If your chute has sustained severe damage, get in touch with us immediately. Our professionals understand the urgency of repairing a broken garbage chute. We’ll mobilize a team quickly to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

The speed of our work will help prevent garbage pileups, minimize your downtime, and keep your tenants from becoming upset. We have the skills, staff, and resources needed to repair different types of equipment, including:

Heavy-Duty Chutes
Regular Chutes


Despite the speed of our work, we provide our emergency services at affordable rates. This will allow you to minimize all your losses and continue operating as soon as possible.

Moreover, our repairs are sturdy to ensure the chances of your equipment failing again are incredibly low. If they do, we’ll return to repair them again.


Get Started

If you wish to request any of our services, please reach out to us. We hope to get the opportunity to serve you.

Get Started

If you wish to request any of our services, please reach out to us. We hope to get the opportunity to serve you.